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Good morning,

As we are sure you are aware, we have had to make the challenging decision to either dissolve the Eyre Peninsula Waldorf School Initiative or continue to persevere, if we were given the support we needed in order to move forward.

Ultimately, the bare minimum governing structure required in order for us to succeed would be a board of eight members. Unfortunately, we did not receive the offer of support we require in order to ensure a safe, healthy and sustainable project moving into the early stages of school operation.

As you can imagine, this has been heartbreaking for the members of the board and close associates who have worked tirelessly to get us to the point we are now. We have therefore decided to turn inward and spend the next weeks leading up to Christmas with our families and loved ones while we process the outcome of the journey.

We do not underestimate the power of our community and while we understand the current struggles and mental load on our peoples we have not completely closed this chapter. We will once again check in with the community in 2024, once we are ready, and will proceed with either dissolving the initiative or moving on with our dream.

The initiative has achieved incredible milestones through people within the Eyre Peninsula community and those who are a part of our wider EP Waldorf family, selflessly giving countless hours of energy, time and kindness. I cannot stress enough that should you want this for your children, I urge you to look inwards over the coming months to truly understand the loss we stand to endure.

Please continue to support each other and the community that has grown and thrived during the five years of the initiative. Keep dialog open and know that collectively we are feeling the grief and sadness for the future of our children.

Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful festive season,

With love,

Renee and the EP Waldorf School Initiative Board

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