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Financial Goals

In order to remain transparent and inclusive with our community, we have collated a list of financial goals alongside an explanation of the purpose of each goal and the target required to achieve it. At the bottom of the page there is a list of our fundraising activity which is assisting us to reach these imperative targets. We welcome all fundraising ideas and suggestions. Working together in this space is essential to the success of the school and the community overall. 

The ESB (Education Standards Board) require proof of our financial viability in the form of six months of operational costs. This covers our expenses until the recurrent funds are provided from the government.

Operational costs: 

  • Rent/lease

  • Wages

  • Utilities


Target$116,734 (approx.)

Current total $10552.21

Development Application

Target $40,000 (approx). 

Current total $1122.33

Please note: the application process is continually changing due to the nature of this project, however the desired outcome remains the same

The development application is underway. The school block is zoned rural which does not encompass an 'education institution' as a potential usage. The development application is applying for an exception (of sorts) to approve the school being built on the land, whilst still being zoned in that way. In order to do that, we must compile an application consisting of the following reports, masterplans and consultants:

  • Town planner consultancy - partially completed

  • Native vegetation consultant -partially completed

  • Soil contamination report - completed

  • CFS consultant

  • Traffic engineering report

  • Waste water consultant

  • Masterplanning with architect - majority completed

Ongoing expenses​

  • School block insurance

  • Website 

  • Xero accounting

  • Land lease

Ongoing Expenses

$650 per month (approx.)

Current total: $2199.89

School Block

Target $435,000

Current total: $1.00

The school block at 60 Kathai Drive, is 24.9 acres and will allow for our school to grow from the early years all the way up to class 12

Current Fundraising Activity

  • Food sales, such as falafel and sausage sizzles: Stalls and food sales will support our registration costs

  • Major Events/fundraisers: We will continue to plan larger events to raise awareness and funds. These events will assist to support our registration/development application costs

  • Merchandise sales (adhoc): Merch sales will support our development application costs

  • Bottle/can runs: We complete a bottle run every three months. We will collect your 10c bottles/cans from your home. Please inform us if you have some to collect. If you would prefer to take them straight to the depo, we have an account there; Eyre Peninsula Waldorf School Initiative (under 'EP'). These runs assist us to support our ongoing expenses

  • Markets, raw treats, craft sales, art supplies: Stall sales will support our registration costs

  • Sale of preloved clothing and items (adhoc): We are always on the hunt for quality preloved clothing, homewares, toys and other items. Please do get in touch if you have something you would like to donate. Sales from donated items will support our ongoing expenses

  • Plant sales/ad hoc fundraising: Plant sales and ad hoc fundraising will go towards our ongoing costs

    All ideas and/or donation enquiries please contact Renee at 

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