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Our Steps Through The School Development Application


Survey Land

We had the school block surveyed in order to determine the exact acreage of the area and also to allow us to gain an understanding of the undulations and nuances of our future school home. Our architect has used this information to create our concept and masterplan documents, 

Confirm Price of Land for future Purchasing

We have received the land price and are currently in the process of drawing up an offical lease agreement. In the meantime we will continue to fundraise!

Development Application Process:

  • Architect to create masterplan - completed

  • Collating reports for the development application through our town planner:

    • Native Vegetation Consultant - Completed and submitted to Native Vegetation Council for approval

    • CFS

    • Traffic

    • Waste water

    • Traffic reports

    • Stormwater/infrastructure plans 

    • Electrical Engineering 

  • Preparing planning report and lodgement of development application

  • Lodge development application.

  • Facilitate Development application (respond to requests for further information from Council and/or agencies, respond to representation during public notification.

  • Appear at Council Assessment Panel meeting (if required)

Building Approval:

Once we have collated the Development Application we will also need to apply for stage one of the masterplan to receive building approval. A process that will take detailed architectural plans and building materials into consideration. 


Once we have received approval to develop and build on the land, we will need to apply for a subdivision in order to purchase it. 


Additional projects being undertaken:


  • Removing box thorns 

  • Cleaning up after the fires

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