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Waldorf Education: A Student's Perspective

Attending a Waldorf school is incredibly enriching. A sense of reverence for nature and connection to the natural world is built into the curriculum. In today’s increasingly digital work this seems more important than ever.

I still remember the beautiful Autumn, Winter and Spring festivals which were held each year - the rhythm of nature punctuating the school year. The curriculum is soulful and grounded. Gardening, art and other practical skills are emphasised. And children’s unique temperaments are celebrated.

There is a misconception that Waldorf schools are “airy fairy” or that there are “no rules”. This is not true at all. The schooling is rigorous and academic particularly in the senior years.

The Waldorf graduates I have met all seem to have emerged as thoughtful, curious, reflective, creative and grounded people. I feel so lucky to have attended a Waldorf school myself.


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